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Brunch & Learn with Us: Make Meetings Meaningful

Join us on Monday Mornings for Bite-sized Learning 🍎

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A Meeting-Themed Webinar Series??

Yes! We all spend so much time scheduling meetings, preparing for meetings, sitting in meetings, and often complaining about meetings. But how much do we really know about what it takes to run a good, productive, collaborative meeting? One that could not, and should not have been an email?

We're guessing not too often. So... maybe it's time we do.

✨ Good Meetings Matter!

Meetings are often that one place where teams and groups come together to make important decisions, integrate knowledge across disciplines, and build a sense of community.

In a time when AI and other technology can tackle the logistical, repetitive, automated aspects of our work, it's our humanity, creativity, and ability to connect that will help us make real progress toward creating the positive changes we strive for.

⚠️ Bad Meetings are Poisonous...

Unproductive meetings are more than just a bit of wasted time and energy. They can leave a bad taste in our mouths, leave us frustrated or disengaged, and expose organizational conflicts in need of tending. It doesn't take too many bad meetings to make us resist adding one more to our calendar. And if we must attend such meetings, we show up with low expectations and rising resentments.


The Brunch & Learn Series:

Make Meetings Meaningful

To help you transform your meetings so you can make meaningful shift happen, we're offering a FREE series of webinars to share bite-sized tips and tools. Check them out!

Most of us know that our meetings could be better, but we aren’t sure how. Learn how the regular use of a simple post-meeting survey can prevent conflict, pinpoint practical problems, and empower your team to dream.


Transform low-participation meetings into gatherings full of purpose and passion. Learn how delegating Meeting Roles can help you engage your participants in meetings that feel good and get things done.


Feel empowered to step up and improve your meetings, no matter your role. Learn strategies to facilitate and promote better meeting practices even when you're not the one tasked to lead the meeting. 

👋 We hope to see you there!

Marina & Jess

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