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Say What You Need to Say

A Workshop on the Art of Clear, Courageous Communication

If you struggle to say what you need to say in the moments it matters most, you’re not alone.

Knowing what you want or need to share AND finding the courage to express it clearly is no easy task. Even when we have the skills there are three barriers that tend to trip us up:

  • The body’s natural (and learned) fight, flight, freeze response

  • Confusion about what to say

  • Fear, anxiety, or uncertainty about how the conversation will go


In this one-minute video, Marina discusses mindful preparation.

Gain skills to help you Say What You Need to Say

By the end of this workshop, you'll gain the competence, confidence and courage to speak up when it matters most. Here are a few ways you can get started learning the art of clear, courageous communication:

Sign up for our next workshop to learn more.

Download The  Conflict Journal to try using this technique right now.

Schedule a private coaching session for personalized support.

About This Workshop

What You Can Expect

  • 90-minute virtual workshop

  • Group instruction & guided private reflection

  • Downloadable digital conflict journal to use during the session and beyond

  • Come with a real conflict, and we’ll help you leave with a real plan to address it.

  • Registration is Free - View dates and sign up!

This innovative workshop brings together mindfulness, emerging brain science, and best practices in effective communication to help you overcome these barriers. 

Designed with both experts and novices in mind, you'll learn three new practices to that will unlock your courage in conflict:

  1. Pause to Reset

  2. Prepare your Message

  3. Conclude with Conviction

What others are saying...

Loved the journaling portion as it helped me to articulate how I felt, what my body was doing and gave me tools to understand the process and how to engage assertively without resorting to attacking or belittling.

The exercises walked me through what to do in a challenging situation. The additional examples of conversation starters are great for my tool box, and the opportunities for self reflection were helpful.

I would recommend this to those avoiding crucial conversations. Now I can't say I'm just "trying to not hurt someone's feelings", no excuse.

Even though I’ve taken your workshops before and I know conflict resolution, this session gave me something new and practical to put into use! 

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