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Customized Co-Learning Experiences

A great way to initiate meaningful shift is to invest in skills, tools, and knowledge. And learning together builds a sense of community and commitment. 

We love to get creative with you, so reach out to get specific about your needs.

Skills-Based Courses

facilitation training, leadership skills, soft skills

Wiser Meetings

A practical course on how to design and lead collaborative, inclusive, and meaningful meetings that couldn't have been an email.

Available as an online course or live workshop.

organizational culture, teamwork, psychological safety

Wiser Groups

A step-by-step approach ​to establish or reset your group's culture to be more inclusive, healthy, and self-managing.

Available as an online course or live workshop.

conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, communication skills, mindful self compassion

Wiser Conflict

A skills-based training that empowers you to approach conflict constructively, communicate effectively, and negotiate for your needs.

Available as online course, online delivery, or in-person delivery.

Webinars and Workshops

Communication skills

Say What You Need to Say:

The Art of Clear Courageous Communication

A short workshop that helps you prepare to speak up clearly and courageously in the moments it matters most.

Available as a 90-minute webinar or in-person presentation.

organizational culture, teamwork, conflict resolution

A Matter of Style: Navigating Culture and Power in Conflict

An interactive workshop that prepares you to be wiser about the way you handle conflict, even when power and culture are at play.

Available as a two-hour workshop online or in person.

Tell us about your organizational change needs.

Let's Discuss Your Needs

Book a free consultation call so we can get specific about your needs, goals, and path to change.

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