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The Pause

A Mindful Approach to Conflict

What is The Pause?

The Pause is a simple but powerful step that comes before engaging any other conflict resolution skill. It’s a moment of engaging in emotion regulation, connecting with your body, mind, and spirit. A practical step anyone can try in any stressful situation. It involves three key elements:

  • Noticing: What is happening in your body in that moment of conflict?

  • Relaxing: Intentionally relax those areas.

  • Reflecting: Reflect on the thoughts running through your mind.


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In this one-minute video, Marina introduces the idea of the Pause.

Harness the Power of the Pause

Taking the Pause in a moment of stress can bring us back to ourselves and give us access to everything we need to put our crucial communication skills into action. Here are a few ways you can start harnessing the power of The Pause.

Download The Pause Conflict Journal to try using this technique right now.

Sign up for our next workshop to learn more and practice The Pause.

Schedule a private 

coaching session for a guided Pause experience.

What others are saying about The Pause

Loved the journaling portion as it helped me to articulate how I felt, what my body was doing and gave me tools to understand the process and how to engage assertively without resorting to attacking or belittling.

I need to practice this on everyday situations. Notice when my body is sending "signals" to me. Sometimes, I don't even know that there is a conflict until it comes into a confrontation. I want to prevent that from happening more often.

I think the RAIN formula will help me deepen my understanding of myself in a conflict situation and also provide a way to gain insight into how other people are acting or reacting in a conflict situation.

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