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MAPping Change, LLC is a women-owned small business preparing  individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations to navigate the choppy waters of conflict, collaboration and change. Our practice is built on a developmental approach, meeting individuals and groups where they are and crafting creative, culturally-responsive services that solve their most pressing problems. No matter the task, we're passionate about strengthening communication, conflict management and collaboration skills.

Here are just a few ways we can help you and your team be more kind, curious, and courageous in the difficult moments when it matters most. 

Build Capacity

Learn, practice, and apply crucial conflict management and effective communication skills through

  • Private coaching sessions

  • Large group trainings & workshops

Resolve Conflicts

Address and resolve interpersonal and structural conflicts that prevent your group from working collaboratively through

  • Conflict assessments

  • Facilitated conversations

  • Mediations

Strenthen Connections

Create and develop a shared identity, purpose, and collective accountability for your group through

  • Teambuilding

  • Staff retreats

Manage Change

Anticipate, prepare for, and effectively navigate through the necessary changes your group may face through

  • Strategic planning

  • Customized facilitated processes

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