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We help you navigate: 

meetings, groupwork,

conflict, and change.


At MAPping Change, we LOVE what you hate...

We know it's an unpopular opinion but we LOVE the things that make leaders, managers, and teams wince, groan, run, or hide:

meetings   ~  groupwork   ~  conflict   ~   change

We believe that the places where people gather -and inevitably struggle - are the places where creativity, innovation, and positive change are born!

But too often, these spaces get a bad reputation...


  • Only a few people participate

  • It often gets really heated

  • The conversation goes in circles

  • Why are we meeting? This could have been an email.

Here's how we make shift happen.



Meeting Facilitation

Conflict Resolution 




Growing Leaders


Conflict Coaching

Process Design

Meeting Design

Team Retreats

Change Processes

Conflict Resolution


Complex Meeting

Difficult Conversation

Strategic Plan & Vision

Transition Plan

Our Approach

Our Customized Approach

We make shift happen in 1, 2, 3...


We start with a conversation with leadership, staff, and key partners to get a holistic view of your group's goals, dynamics, and needs.


We create a customized action plan that addresses needs, leverages strengths, and creates sustainable, lasting shift.


We create opportunities to build your skills, knowledge, and capacity to carry the work forward.

We Aim for Lasting Results

Your consultation helped us understand the problems our board faced and gave us good ideas for how to deal with them. You brought out the essence of where we needed to put our energy to bring out the best from our team.

Nonprofit Board Member

Let's Get Specific

Shift looks different for every person, team, and organization. Let's get specific about your needs, goals, and how you can make meaningful shift happen. 

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